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red Eyes

Red Or Pink Eyes are often signals from your eyes telling you something is wrong and needs attention.

What is red eyes

Red eyes could be as simple as allergies or as complicated as a very contagious virus infection.

Do you have teary or watery eyes?

Burning, itchiness, or a sandy feeling around your eyelids?
Constantly rubbing them in the morning or after working on the computer? Then you should consult a professional to asses the seriousness of the issue and get some help with solving the issue. Read more.

What should you do

Don’s use over the counter red relief

Don’t rub your eyes

Don’t ask Dr. Google for help and seek professional help immediately

Follow the direction of your doctor until the problem is solved


What does your doctor do

Correctly diagnose the underlying condition

Prescribe medications based on your diagnosis

Educate you about your treatment plan

Monitor you until problems are resolved


red eyed eye doctor escondido

What should I do if I have red eyes but no pain?

Often, Red eyes present themselves with associated pain. Sometimes however eyes become red with more subtle symptoms such as itchy, burning, and general discomfort. All are signs from your eyes to provide the correct relief. your visits are usually short, simple and your problems could be solved with simply using a course of eye drops.

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