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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions

General Questions

Do you take my vision plan?

We accept VSP, Eyemed, Metlife, Tricare, Spectera, and others. Our prices are very competitive for our patients without vision plan. Be sure to ask for prompt pay discount when you come in.

What if I am interested in LASIK, do you offer it?

We are advocates of LASIK corrective surgery as it is a life changing elective procedure. This procedure is an important one and requires consultation before we determine your eligibility for surgery.  We work closely with top surgeons through out the San Diego Country region and we will co-manage your surgery with them.  

Are Glasses and Contact Lens exam the same?

Contact Lens exams include glasses prescription but they require more examination and determination of correct prescription. Thus, Contact Lens exam is an additional service to regular examination

What is Myopia Control?

Myopia control (nearsightedness control) is an important new finding in the eye care community. We now have the technology to slow down and in some cases halt myopia progression in high risk patients. It is not required for every patient but younger patient with one or two parents with high near sightedness will benefit tremendously from these treatments. Be sure to ask our doctor if this is something you could benefit from.

Can I order my glasses and pick them up the same day?

Yes, most prescriptions could be made the same day. We can determine this the same day. 

Can I pick up My contact lenses the same day?

In most cases, yes you can. Just ask us and we will do everything to accommodate your needs. 

Eye and Ocular disease management

Our doctor is trained and licensed to treat and manage most eye care needs. Just call and ask us about your specific needs.

How late can I be for my scheduled appointment?

We would like to be respectful with our patients and spend the proper amount of time with them, if you are late more than 10 min, please contact us and make us aware and we will do everything to accommodate you.

About Our Services

Primary Care

Yearly eye exams for corrective glasses or contact lenses. Follow up visits per doctor’s recommendation for chronic issues such as Dry Eyes or Glaucoma visits are considered Primary Care services that we provide through the year. 

Urgent Visits

New Red Eyes, Painful Eyes, sudden sensitivity to light, Flashes of Light, Lots of floaters, Foreign body sensation are considered Urgent and Emergency visits. We will see you as soon as possible for these as they require immidiate attention. 

Pediatric Care

The earlier the better for kids to be evaluated. We will see pediatric patients as early as 6 years old to be evaluated before they start pre-school.

Newborn Care

American Optometric Association recommends Infant-SEE which is usually a a complimentary visit through participating practices. We do not at this time offer this service.

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