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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses for clear distance, near, multifocal vision. Colored contact lenses available in some Prescriptions

An Introduction

Not all soft contact lenses are created equally. Mostly used for correction of distance vision, soft contact lenses have been revolutionized in the last decade and technology continues to change rapidly.

From Single vision lenses that reduce strain when working on computer, to multi-focal lenses (near and distance correction) to the newest addition Toric-Multi-Focal (correction for distance, near and astigmatism). We are experts in lenses. Our doctors constantly keep up with the newest developments and technologies to provide you with the best vision and comfort. 

What you should expect

Up to a few visits for your initial fit

Learn insertion and removal of contact lenses

The newest technology, material, and lens designs for your visual clarity and comfort

What our Doctors and Technicians Do

Measure your corneal curvature

Calculate diagnostic lens parameters

Order Lenses 

Teach you Insertion & removal and how to care for your lenses

Evaluate the contact lenses fit on your eyes

What are the advantages of soft contact Lenses

They are comfortable, disposable, readily available, and quick to access. Thanks to new technology and R&D from contact lens companies, we can now solve visual correction and comfort issues for around 85% of our patients with healthy corneas.

We usually get early access to most contact lenses and are one of the clinics for feedbacks and research for contact lens manufacturers. Come in and let our expert team consult you about your options with soft contact lenses. 

Look no farther for experts in Cosmetic Contact Lenses. We are here to help you with dailies, monthly, or yearly cosmetic contact lenses. 


Cosmetic conatact lenses

Newest Contact Lens technology offered

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