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Experience all-in-one eye care excellence at our clinic. From Dry Eye Solutions to Scleral Contact Lenses, Myopia Management, and expert Eye Disease Management – we've got your vision covered with precision and care.
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Dry Eyes

Escape the discomfort of gritty and foreign body sensations in your eyes—commonly known as dry eyes—that often steal precious awake moments. Tackling this challenging condition becomes a life-changing journey at our clinic. Discover personalized solutions that restore comfort and enhance your quality of life. Your relief from dry eyes begins here. Learn More

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Myopia Management

Guiding children through Myopia Management charts a course for future success, reducing the risk of significant retinal issues. This approach opens the door to a life with minimal prescription, ensuring a clearer vision for the journey ahead. Learn More

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Scleral Contact Lenses

Experience unparalleled comfort and optimal visual outcomes with scleral lenses. These lenses not only offer superior comfort but also reconstruct a new surface for your cornea, granting your eyes a second chance at clear, revitalized vision. Learn More

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Red Eyes

red or pink eyes are an indication of a potentially contagious infection. Trust our expertise for professional evaluation and effective management, ensuring swift relief and optimal eye health. Learn More

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Experience comprehensive annual examinations that assess the overall health of both the external and internal aspects of your eyes. Beyond evaluating your eye health, we provide precise prescriptions for eyeglasses tailored to your individual needs.

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Contact Lenses

Explore the dynamic world of contact lenses—innovative medical devices that seamlessly adhere to the eyes, enabling clear vision for distances, computers, and close-up tasks. Evolving rapidly, new possibilities emerge daily, offering solutions to correct distance and near vision, slow down myopia progression, address dry eyes, and more.

Highly rated clinic

As a top-rated clinic, our primary focus is patient satisfaction and achieving outstanding visual results. Committed to excellence, we go the extra mile to ensure our patients receive the best care and services, exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional eye care experiences.


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Our Story

After serving San Diego County from La Mesa to Chula Vista, Dr. A decided to settle and provide exceptional eye care services to our community members in North County. Acquiring this longstanding practice operating since early 2000s, we took over in 2020 with a renewed commitment to eye health. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and assisting you in maintaining healthy eyes.

Our Team

Dr. David Ardakani, OD

Dr. David Ardakani, OD

Dr. Ardakani Graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with double degree in Chemistry and Biology, he then went on to graduate school at Western University of Health Sciences in ’12 and graduated with doctorate degree in Optometry in ’16. He started practicing in San Diego after training in Tennessee, Florida, and Arizona and Orange County, CA. Dr. Ardakani enjoys practicing full scope Optometry which includes Comprehensive Eye Exams, Red Eye Treatment, Myopia and Presbyopia Management, Scleral Contact Lenses, Dry Eyes , Cataract Evaluation & Post-Operative care, and Laser Corrective Surgery consultation & Post-Op care.

Jasmin U. Esti. Ocular hygienist and DR'S ASSISTANT

Jasmin U. Esti. Ocular hygienist and DR'S ASSISTANT

Jasmin has joined our team in 2022. She is a licensed esthetician and loves working with patients to give them the best experience in our clinic. She enjoys anything self care related. Jasmin is excited for the experience she is receiving in eye care, and is excited to help our patient with eye hygiene.

Abby C. Patient coordinator

Abby C. Patient coordinator

Abby is a dedicated staff member at Beyond Optometry, bringing 10 years of expertise in optical and patient care from Las Vegas. With a passion for new knowledge and helping people, she consistently strives for excellence in her work. Abby's goal is to continue to learn more as the optical world expands in order to give patients the best care possible. Beyond her professional pursuits, Abby enjoys spending time with her loved ones, photography, drawing and walking her dogs on the beach. She believes in the importance of putting faith and family above herself, which she often incorporates into her daily life.

Marlene JB. Optician

Marlene JB. Optician

Marlene is a certified Optician who joined our team in 2024. She is on a mission to make optical experience a breeze for all. She's passionate about helping people find the perfect pair of spectacles and ensuring their vision needs are met with ease and comfort. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She enjoys music, painting, drawing and all forms of art. She is also an animal lover and takes care of 12 animals and spends quality time with each one.

cutting edge technology

Embark on a journey to optimal eye health with our cutting-edge technologies. From Wide Field Retina Imaging and precise Retina Mapping to advanced Cornea Mapping and Virtual Visual Field assessments, our state-of-the-art facility ensures a comprehensive understanding of your eye health. Bid farewell to traditional puff eye pressure testing, as our innovative techniques prioritize your comfort. The digital Refraction system enhances accuracy in prescribing tailored solutions, encompassing Dry Eye treatments, specialized Scleral lenses, and precise prescriptions for Glasses and Contact Lenses. Trust us for thorough management of conditions such as Glaucoma, Red Eye, and a spectrum of other eye-related treatments. Your vision deserves the best – experience excellence in eye care with us.

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Beyond Optometry Phoroptor
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