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All of your eye care needs in one place. We can help you with Dry Eye Solutions, Scleral Contact Lenses, Myopia Management for Children, and Eye Disease Management.

state-of-the-art equipments

We have heavily invested in the newest technology and equipment to accurately diagnose and treat any eye issues.

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Dry Eyes

Gritty and foreign body sensation of eyes or better known as dry eyes rob patients of their precious awake time. Managing this condition is challenging but life changing for our patients

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Myopia Management

Managing Myopia in children sets them on a path of success, decreasing chances of life changing retinal issues in the future, making it a possibility to continue life with low prescription

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Scleral Contact Lenses

Superior comfort and best visual outcome are possibilities met by scleral lenses. In effect, these contact lenses reconstruct a new surface for your cornea gives your eyes a second chance

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Red Eyes

Red or pink eyes are often a painful and contagious infection of eyes and need professional evaluation and management

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Comprehensive annual examinations evaluate the health of the outside and inside of eyes in addition to prescription for eye glasses

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Contact Lenses

Medical devices that attach to eye and allow patients see far and close change rapidly and new possibilities become available every day. Contact Lenses can now correct distance, computer, near vision; slow down myopia progression; treat dry eyes, and many more

Highly rated clinic

As a highly rated clinic, patient satisfaction and great visual results are our main goal and we go the extra mile to provide the best care and services to fulfill our commitment of excellence to our patients.


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Our Story

After serving San Diego County from La Mesa to Chula vista, we decided to grow our practice and provide eye care services to our community members in Escondido. We started in 2020 and looking forward to helping you keep your eyes healthy. 

Our Team

Dr. David Ardakani, OD

Dr. David Ardakani, OD

Dr. Ardakani Graduated from University of North Carolina at Charlotte with double degree in Chemistry and Biology, he then went on to graduate school at Western University of Health Sciences in ’12 and graduated with doctorate degree in Optometry in ’16. He started practicing in San Diego after training in Tennessee, Florida, and Arizona and Orange County, CA. Dr. Ardakani enjoys practicing full scope Optometry which includes Comprehensive Eye Exams, Red Eye Treatment, Myopia and Presbyopia Management, Scleral Contact Lenses, Dry Eyes , Cataract Evaluation & Post-Operative care, and Laser Corrective Surgery consultation & Post-Op care.

Maria G, ABO. Optician

Maria G, ABO. Optician

Maria joined our team in 2022 and is excited to use her vast knowledge of optical to assist our patients. Maria has lived in San Diego most of her life. She has been in the optical field for more than 22 years. Maria has been recognized for her extensive knowledge in fitting patients with their eyewear being a fashionable and trendy frames and best options for lenses based on lifestyle of every individual patient. Maria loves her career and looks forward to continuing to serve our patients.

Andrea. Front desk coordinator

Andrea. Front desk coordinator

Andrea joined our team in 2022 and she coordinates our front desk from La Paz. Andrea studied Communication and Digital Media and she is excited to use her expertise in helping our patients have great experiences at our clinic. She's passionate about nature, especially the ocean. She loves to dive and spend time underwater.She is fascinated by health care and is very enthused about joining our team to provide direct help to patients.She enjoys spending time with her family and pets.

Jasmin U. Esti. Ocular hygienist/DR'S ASSISTANT

Jasmin U. Esti. Ocular hygienist/DR'S ASSISTANT

Jasmin has joined our team in 2022. She is a licensed esthetician and loves working with patients to give them the best experience in our clinic. She enjoys anything self care related. Jasmin is excited for the experience she is receiving in eye care, and is excited to help our patient with eye hygiene.

Our equipment

Retina Mapping, Cornea Mapping, Visual Field, and state of the art Refraction system enable us to provide you with all eye care services such as Dry eye solutions, Scleral lenses, accurate Glasses and Contact Lenses Rx, Glaucoma and Red Eyes management. 

Beyond Optometry OCT
CA800 topo, Beyond Optomety
Beyond Optometry Phoroptor
Beyond Optometry iCare
Beyond Optometry visual field

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